What to expect at your newborn session

Thank-you for entrusting me to photograph and handle your baby.  I have tons of experience handling newborns! I am a mother of two as well as a registered nurse working in post-partum for over 4 years. I live and breathe babies!! I never force a baby to do anything they don't want to do; my goal is to have baby and you as relaxed as possible. Don't forget, babies feed off their parents energy! If you're anxious, so are they! So please feel free to ask me any questions you have before or during your session!

  • Newborn sessions are typically 3-4 hours long. Depending on how your babu is feeling that day, we may finish sooner or run longer. Please do not be stressed if we run over, I am used to it! Just in case, i recommend not having other plans directly after your session!

  • After the birth of your baby please text or email me so we can schedule your session right away. For breast-fed babies I like to schedule sessions after your milk comes in, around day 4-10. Formula fed babies can be photographed earlier but I like to give moms a couple days to settle in. Check with your doctor about when you are able to do this! Also feel free to contact me about anything!

  • Please bring a pacifer as they can help babies sleep and soothe them if they are upset. Even if your baby doesnt like it, bring it anyway! You never know if it'll help. Please don't be worried about nipple confusion as we'll only use it if baby is very fussy, and for an extremely short amount of time. I also make sure to take the soother out before taking any photographs. 

  • Clothing

    • Mom – go simple! A tank top/t shirt and sweater/cardigan. Black or in a white/nude/beige color. Pants/skirt jeans to match. Avoid prints. If you’re not sure what will work better bring all of it. 

    • Dads – a white, grey or black plain t-shirt or bare skin to skin with baby looks really beautiful.  

    • Siblings – Bring a white, grey or black t-shirt as well for their individual photos with baby.

    • Please do try and iron your clothes.

    • TIP: Plan your outfits before the birth if you can (less stress later!).

  • Bring a spare shirt for both of you as babies do pee/poop!

  • There is something about the photographic process that makes newborns extra hungry so please bring extra formula or expressed milk and be prepared to nurse more than normal.

  • If you have other kids it’s best to have Dad take them out and come back later as they get bored and restless.  If Dad needs a break he too can leave and come back for the family after a couple of hours. It tends to feel pretty warm in the room.

  • Newborn sessions are a lot more of feeding, snuggling and soothing than they are photographing, so just expect lots of down time.

  • Bring snacks!

  • Babies cry- it’s their way of communicating. If your baby fusses it could mean a number of things. I have experience that helps me know if they are hungry, uncomfortable or just not happy to be moved whilst sleeping.  I like to work as a team with the parents to keep baby happy and safe!

So looking forward to seeing you and your precious little baby!


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