• Krissi Lauzon

Brendan&Catherine: Engaged

I was so excited when I first met Catherine & Brendan! They are the cutest family! When planning their engagement pictures it was very important to Catherine that we were able to capture some beautiful family photos with their babies (Leo and Oliver). The bugs this evening were AWFUL, it rained for half of the time we were outside, but at the last moment the beautiful sun poked out to round out this beautiful shoot with a wonderful family.

How did you meet?

"It was back in 2014 at Sonic Boom Music Festival. Brendan was denied entry to the event because of a beer that he forgot was in his backpack. So he had to sneak in...and thank goodness he did. We met in the beer gardens as our drunk friends struck up conversation. Brendan saw it as an opportunity to talk to me and even though I’m quite shy and don’t have a lot to say to most people, he and I seemed to have a lot in common. We really hit it off. At the end of the night we exchanged numbers so that we could spend the next day of the festival together too!"

Describe your first date

"Brendan took me out to a delicious Thai restaurant downtown called Viphalay. Both of us were pretty nervous I guess because we didn’t eat much! There was lots of smiling and talking. After dinner we walked down to the river valley, talked more and shared a few things about ourselves. We ended up watching this cute beaver snack on its food while it stared back at us".

The ring

Thick gold band with solitaire princess cut diamond.

The Proposal

"We were walking through Audubon Park in New Orleans. The city itself is 300 years old and the oak trees in this park are just huge. It’s gorgeous. Brendan had the ring in his pocket (without the box so I wouldn’t know) for days before he found that “moment.” We were sitting side by side on a park bench watching the turtles when he popped the question".

Were you surprised?

"No! I knew it. We had been talking about getting married for a while and we were both ready to make this commitment to each other. And in the way that Brendan was acting before the trip I figured out that he was going to pop the question there!"

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